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Available Job Positions


Rig Manager

The Rig Manager is the senior supervisor on site and is in complete charge of the rig. He is responsible to ensure the safety and efficiency of the crew, the equipment and the overall operation. The Rig Manager’s direction and leadership keep the operation running smoothly and safely.


A Service Rig Operator (also known as a Driller) leads the crew with a focus on keeping the operation proceeding safely and efficiently. They report directly to Service Rig Managers and are responsible for the crew when the Rig Manager is not present. In general, Operators operate hoisting equipment control panels, monitor the progress of operations, keep records, transport crew to and from the rig, train crew members, and help introduce procedures to help the crew to work safely and effectively.

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Derrickhands work above the rig floor on a platform called a tubing board. From there, they guide lengths of tubing, instruments, and tools in and out of the well, and they steady items that other crew members are connecting or disconnecting. Derrickhands also inspect the derrick before it is raised or lowered, perform pump duties, assist drillers, and assist in training new and junior crew members.

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A Floorhand is an entry level position responsible for assisting other members of the crew as needed, such as the Derrickhand and Operator (Driller). They work primarily on the rig floor and some of their duties include cleaning and maintaining equipment, painting, operating the elevators and tongs, perform housekeeping duties and assist in moving the rig, rigging up and rigging out of equipment.


Looking to be part of the Hurley team?


Our employees are the foundation of our success. We value their ongoing input, continued growth within the company, and safety in all environments. Check out available job positions below to see how you can contribute to our strong culture.  Our wages are among the highest in the industry and benefits are available after the initial probationary period.

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