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When you call on Hurley Well Service you can expect to receive the highest safety standards and the best service available


Hurley Well Service Ltd. understands that safety should never be sacrificed for speed when it comes to well servicing.  We achieve the best results when we ensure a safe environment and complete customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. Our ongoing success and growth in the industry is spurred not only by our commitment to efficiency and quality, but also through our expert employees and powerful equipment that form the backbone of our company’s performance. Hurley Well Service continually reviews its safety record and government regulations in order to maximize safe working conditions. Did you know that more than 90% of all accidents are avoidable? They are being caused by human error rather than mechanical failures. At Hurley, we have adopted a behavioral safety approach. We believe that knowledge is power and awareness is key.

Safety underlies all that we do and is integrated into every aspect of our methods and processes. You’ll find our commitment to safety demonstrated through our:


All of our rigs are designed to meet or exceed industry standards; plus they undergo rigorous maintenance, ensuring only the best performance


We provide the training, tools, and resources employees need to take control of all safety factors on the job


Throughout the 25 years of Hurley Well Service Ltd., our Total Recordable Incident Frequency has seen a consistent decrease, showing the effective steps we’ve taken to ensure customer, employee, and public safety


Our company has maintained it's COR certification since 2004. We are also a proud member of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors, as well as ISNetworld and Complyworks compliant; factors which you can rest assured mean we maintain the highest standard in the industy when it comes to keeping our work days safe for everyone, including the environment. 

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